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FlashReports is a web application that allows you to follow the commercial activity of your establishment in real time and from anywhere.

FlashReports fits all screens

Detailed data for the day and the day before

Week and month summary charts

  • Track your turnover by type ("direct", "table", "delivery", etc.) and by service.

  • Watch for exceptional operations (offers, cancellations, returns, breakages, etc.).

  • The data is updated in real time.

Start FlashReports and create a shortcut

Go to https://mypi.net with your browser and enter your username and password.
Don't forget to check the "Remember me" box.

After pressing the CONNECTION button you will be redirected to FlashReports.
(If you are subscribed to other products, you will first go to a menu page.)

If you want to create a shortcut, click on "Add to home screen" from your browser menu.

Depending on the platform (iOS or Android) and the browser you use, you may have to reconnect to your MyPI account.
And don't forget to check the "Remember me" box.

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